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Hi experts,Having looked at the Native Call Queuing feature introduced in CUCM 9 it mentions there is a maximum limit of 100 queues per sub; the question I have on this are:Is this a hard limit in the software, i.e. once reached 100 the system will n...

Hello, i have recently configured E1  for ISDN but isdn is not showing establshed, its showing b/w TEI_ASSIGNED & AWAITING_ESTABLISHMENT. Ether wire is connected over E1. I am not sure where is the issue. Router(config)#do sh isdn staISDN Serial0/3/0...

Anukalp S by Beginner
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Hello, I have this message when i want to download the user guide for 7821 or 7861 ,on the ucmuser interface  : HTTP Status 404 - /PhoneGuides/locales/en_us/PhoneOnlineGuide/7821_41_61_45/7821.pdf type: Status report message: /PhoneGuides/locales/en_...

Hi everyone,I have a problem with one of Translation Pattern rule. So,i have 2 Translation Pattern :1. 9002 translate called to 90032. 9003 translate called to an external number : 70895489292 (don't manage by the CUCM). It's work, but when I called ...