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Resolved! UCE-ISM module license issue

dear alli have installed CUE-ISM module and activated the license in evaluation mode, now my CUE is not working i have checked all the configurations, i think ISm evaluation period has expired , attched a screenshot of show license all commnad kindly...

Resolved! Voice training

Hey Guys, I am beginner on the Voice environment and I want to ask what is the first step ( training) to learn about Voice. I have 2.800 user/ CUCM 8.6.2/ 2X UCS VS/ 2X 2921 VG/ 1x2801 VG.Pls tell me which training I should to take from this or pls r...

gabiulici by Beginner
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pots and voip dial-peers, preference order outgoing calls?

I have CME.  connected to pstn by FXO ports and SIP trunk. so I have incoming numbers in fxo ports and incoming numbers in sip trunk too. every inconming called number has corresponding local number.how to make outgoing call so that everybody will ca...

Cisco User Data Dump

When I manually run the Cisco User Data Dump, it creates the report without any issues.  When I try to schedule the task or if I run it from the command line,  "E:\Program Files (x86)\Cisco Systems\Unity Connection\User Data Dump\Unity Connection Use...

glamarca by Beginner
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Resolved! CUE: maximum amount of scripts reached

Getting this error when uploading a script to my V3.0.3 CUE.  There are currently 8 system scripts and I have upload 3 more for total of 11.  I need to add one more.  Is there a parameter somewhere that I can use to increase the limit? TIA,Diego 

tato386 by Frequent Contributor
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PVDM2-16 conference

Hi Team,could you please help me understanding below:I know max no. of conferences supported with PVDM2-16 is 2 if I am using G.729 is dspfarm profile configs.In this case max. participants in each conference can be 8.So technically its said that PVD...

Resolved! uccx script flow giving moh

Hi friends. i have one uccx 9.1 setup with cucm 9.1in which i have below given script./ when i call the main trigger number it rings and play IVR and if agent available it transfer to agent...but untill agent not pickup the call it is giving moh tone...

Amit23 by Enthusiast
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CUC 10.0 Unable to reach user VM box / Answered by the Unity standard greeting "Hello" etc

Can anyone help with the above? I have configured Unity using SIP and have managed to get a user enrolled successfully and set up the personal greeting. However, when I call the number of the working user and it flips to VM I just the standard "Hello...