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Hello, I have a MGCP set up between my VGW and CUCM. The link went down, so the PRI's D channel went down as well. After the connection reestablished, the D channel was still down, I was seeing TEI_Assigned. In order to bring it back up, I had to fla...

Dial analyzer:  Shows blocking pattern from gateway, and phone shows allow pattern.  All other area codes in the US work fine, just blocking (516) area code? Results Summary Calling Party Information Calling Party = 3564729 Partition = Device CSS = 4...

Hello all,  I cannot get this translation rule to take. It is not accepting the match string and I cannot see what is wrong with it.  Here is the rule - /^1919454\(....\)$/ /\1/+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++DHCP_ROU...

msturtev by Level 1
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I have 2 cisco 1760 routers with FXS and FXO card installed in each. I have to transport 2 PSTN lines from Head Office to remote loaction using FXS and FXO cards and these lines will be used for  voice calls and FAX( one line each for FAX and voice)....

I have activated the CDR in CCM 4.X. text file is generated in the CDR folder but the reports are not working in CDR analysis and report. (Error code 10021 There are no matching records). I have checked the services and CDR load and schedule is activ...

raajithak by Level 1
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I am planning on LDAP integrating a CUCM 10.5 system.  I will use an LDAP filter that only syncs users who have something in their ipPhone field in AD.  I know that if I try and do a "phones/users" BAT import after I LDAP-integrate the system, it wil...

Hello,I have a question about this pattern in my dial-peer:dial-peer voice 1 pots destination-pattern 01[2-8] port 0/0/0 forward-digits 2dial-peer voice 43 pots destination-pattern 0[123459]........ port 0/0/0 forward-digits 10 When I call 01XXXXXX18...

Kevin SAS by Level 1
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