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Resolved! Call Recording tone with Cisco IP Phone BIB - tone is also recorded?

Hi Team,We are proposing Cisco CUCM for one of my client whose business type is financial organization, so they need beep tone on each incoming/outgoing calls as a legal compliance. They must need the call recording tone to be audible & get recorded ...

Resolved! Upgrading from 8.5.1 to 9.1.2

Quick question - full details below .. If I upgrade CUCM from 8.5.1 to 9.1.2 - will CUC & UCCX on 8.5.1 still function and communicate with CUCM in the short term ?? CUCM at 8.5.1 - System version: at 8.5.1 - Version 8.5.1ES125.16900...

keanej by Participant
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hi, I have an 1760 SRST and 7902 Ip phone, they are register/unregister continuosly!Does anyone know what is happening? This is code that is showing:Dec 14 01:49:43: %IPPHONE-6-UNREGISTER_ABNORMAL: ephone-7:SEP000D28AF15C6 IP: Socket:2 Devi...

Resolved! Ann File missing

Hi all,I got the logs from RTMT. I have one AnnRingBack.wav in TFTP/united_states but no where else. My Default network locale is Australia and Default User Local is English United States. Any suggestion? Thanks.Regards,Gary  12:59:32.315 |-->CANNAud...

Gary Tong by Beginner
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Resolved! Displaying user’s Caller ID located in Personal Directory and outside CUCM

Hi, everyone, I have a customer asking us if it’s possible to display a caller ID of a user that does not belong to the CUCM and is located in Personal Directory when he calls a user that belong to the CUCM, So, I’d like to know if this feature is av...

Resolved! IP Phone dialled numbers

Hello,I am having 7911 phones with CUCM 9.1.  we are replacing 7911 phones with 6945 phones, users are very use to 7911 phones becz whenever they were dialling from 7911 phones they were getting prompt of list placed calls  but in 6945 phones they ar...

Resolved! 69xx Firmware issues

HI All,Im building a new CUCM10.5 cluster. prior to migrating phones, ive been asked to bring the firmware on our current phones up to the same default firmware on the 10.5 CUCM currently, my phones are on an old 8.0.3 system. the firware on these 69...