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Have a vg224 - assigned a DN to port 15 on VG.  Connection from port 15 to a Tamb B pair labeled phone system.  Then made connection from Tamb B paging output to a bogen 100tpu amp on the tel connections.  when I dial dial the DN all i get is a busy ...

Hello, friends.There are Cisco (C2801-ADVENTERPRISEK9_IVS-M), Version 15.1 (4) M7.Telephones connected to SCCP. There is one trunk with a SIP-provider. about two weeks there were no problems. Since yesterday in error logs:Jun 25 17:31:07.019: %IVR-3-...

Hi  I have CUCM with SIP phones, also they have SRST as 4th TFTP. In CUCM default keepalive time is 120 sec. so Phone will send KPA with every 120 sec, if it failed is it going to send KPA message to 2nd TFTP ? if that also failed then to 3rd immedia...

I have recently upgraded my phones to 9-3-1 sr4-1s and when i go to the phone and verify it shows  * sccp45.9-3-1SR4-1s*  do the asteriks mean anything or am i ok.  i dont see it affecting the phones in any way

Scottyo42 by Beginner
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