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I'm looking to have a call go to a second dial-peer after a set delay.For example, I have dial-peer A and dial-peer B with the same destination-pattern.  I will put a higher preference on dial-peer A.  Call comes in and rings dial-peer A for 15 secon...

luke00005 by Beginner
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Hello,We purchased UWL STD licenses for CUCM 8.6 ( at the time of purchased we assumed that UWL licenses will contain CUCM, Unity Connection & Presence licenses).From cisco we got only one PAK key with product name CUCM-UWL-PAK & when we applied it f...

Is it possible if someone calling from outside to Cisco's call manager one extension/DID number and from that number possible to dial outside again? going to use it for international dialling ...

TM13 by Beginner
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IOS = 15.1(2)SY1 When I do a "show platform qos" everything looks good except for this:  ----- Switch [1], Module [3] -----                 Counter                  IFE Pkts        IFE Bytes                 OFE Pkts           OFE Bytes---------------...

jkeeffe by Explorer
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I have been having problems getting faxing over T38 working and I am wondering if my understanding of the protocol is part of the issue. Our scenario is:ITSP >>>>SIP>>>> CUBE 2911 >>>>SIP>>>> CUCM 9.1.2                                         |-> FXS...

tca_arosen by Beginner
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