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Hello,We are experiencing a delay whenever we make a call it doesn't matter if it is local or long distance. When we dial a digit it took about 15 sec to dial the number out. i checked T302 in service parameter. Anywhere else i can check?Thanks,Soule...

Hello My name is Eddie and I work for ArrowS3.I was given a Cisco 7942g running SIP software with the goal of connecting this phone to a Samsung Communcation Manager VoIP system.The issue I am having is that we need the phone to register at 701021@da...

eweakley82 by Level 1
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Hi All,I have to perform a voip assessment and I would like to find out if there are any good tools that i can use to perform call simulations, jitter test etc on an exisiting environment to determine if it is voip ready.Its strange though since I ha...

rramlal by Level 1
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Resolved! CME routing

Hi all,Do any have the any idea if i having the local fax machine (branch) & Fax2Email solution device (HQ) at the same time.My client willing to route the incoming call to fax to email solution in HQ first and failover to local fax machine once the ...

      Continuting my experimentation and learning in my home lab.  I have replicated what I think is a pretty common commercial setup.  CUCM 9 with a couple of IP Phones.  I have a router functioning as an MGCP gateway with both FXO port and an E1 tr...

Hi all ,I cannot register my cisco 7941g-ge phone in cucm 4.1 , there have two device type can be selected 7941 and 7941G, but all of them cannot used .when I click "insert" it say :  Picture 1.jpg , then an error information : Picture 2.jpg , and I ...

Hello Everyone,I have a more than 100 IP phones connected and working on a Call Manager Business Edition. However these phones need to be migrated to another Server running Unified Call Manager Enhanced version 9. A simple migration from one machine ...