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Hi Guys,I have a SIP trunk setup with a 2811 running CME version 7.  I can make outbound calls ok but having issues getting the incoming calls working, i have 1 number on my SIP trunk and that is 01133501788 and i want that to ring my Cisco 7960 whic...

Resolved! Bonded Voice T1s

How do bonded T1s show up on my router?  It only takes one physical port (Se0/0/0) but could deliver 46 channels?  Is there a way I can confirm via command line if we have a single T1 or bonded?

Hello I am seeing a strange issue;There is a Hub Router with IOS version c2800nm-spservicesk9-mz.124-24.T3.binThere are some remote sites that connects to this Hub Router and all the remote sites run CMEs.All the IP Phones on them are 7942s.All servi...

Hello,I am facing issues with FAX connecting to ATA 186 they are not able to send fax nor they are able to receive, but if i am connecting anolog phone the call is perfect for in and out ,Can anybody help me to know what are the standards commnds to ...