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Hi,I would like to know if its possible to configure trunk hunting from a given range of nubers from an ITSP?I am using a CME.  I have been given a number range e.g. 1231234500-1231234599What i want to accomplish is i will make the number 1231234500 ...

I want to Implement IP teplephony in my Lab and I have a L2 cisco 2960 POE switch, is it possible that I can create the 2 vlans for voice and data seperately and phones will start registering to the call maanger 9.X ? I will have my call manager on t...

skakfinn1 by Beginner
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when i perform recovery to call manager V8.6 , i noticed that this service on publisher is not running although all CDR network service are running and CDR is flagging true , i restarted the service restarted several times and restart Publisher it se...