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We have issue with directory search response times , the directory size is 80K users in the CUCM - a mixture of CUCM users and non CUCM users.CUEAC pulls the directory from CUCM, where does the local CUEAC console pull the directory from - I guess CU...

iptuser55 by Frequent Contributor
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We are currently running CUCM 8.6 on UCS C200 M2 servers.  The servers are running ESXi 4.1 and we would like to upgrade to 5.1.  Has anyone else gone through this process before?  Are there any quirks or problems that I could run into?  I don't expe...

spm by Beginner
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                   Is it possible to implement Cisco Cube as a gateway to Cucm and connect  to a service provider that is handing off a single connection for both wan data and sip services ? . Most CUBE deployments reference a seperate connection for...