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Dears,I got a issue on Publisher and I can´t get ccmadmin by browser; I restart the Publisher- Cluster CUCM, 1 Publisher , 2 Subscriber- CUCM - BD Replication is GoodServerNumber of Replicates CreatedReplicate_State10.108.55.5           ...

Hii,  I want to buy a Conference kit for the meetings rooms and I need some opinion about the models, in the past I used 7937 and now I want to by 8831 and I want to know your ideas about this conference kit ( is k or not, how many license....  ).I u...

gabiulici by Level 1
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HiDoes anybody knows how to do priority to a hunt pilot agains others? I want to configure a hunt pilot with a pool of users waiting to call and other hunt pilot for vip users.In the test i did in my mock-up in the hunt pilot 196 for users and hunt p...