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Hi,I am looking for a simple way to find a name of a Phone Load Name for different vesions of phone firmware.For example we are using cucm 8.6.2 and say 7941 phones running SCCP41.9-3-1SR2-1S, if we put in a new phone with firmware lower than 8.5.2 i...

We bought NFR 8.6 for our lab and then upgraded it to 9.  The only licensing we had was the original demo license for 8.6  Now it is 6+ months later and the 9 demo license has expired plus, since it was a lab, we were over subscribed on 9 enhanced us...

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Hi We are running UCCX 9, I need a simple script for following requirement, can anybody help on this. Requirement -->Play an IVR and then move that call to Hunt Pilot number which in CUCM. No need agents in here, how can i do this ?Regds$

All ,This problem has troubled me for a long time  。 。 。 。 Through  【the navigation】 -> 【Cisco Uniffied Reports】 -> 【Unified CM Database Status】, See the attachment images 1 .Downloaded to the local, See the attachment images 2 .Why?I'm from China, T...