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Resolved! How to differenciate in Missed calls list between two lines on one IP phone

Hi Experts,I have CUCM 6.1.2; i have two lines on my IP phone. I am facing a problem which is i can not differenciate in Missed calls list between which missed came in which line..how can i do that deffernciation?Please advise urgent as my customer f...

Resolved! Line Group to Voicemail

Hello,I am newbie with Cisco. I have only been using the system for a little over a month.Our vendor set up a line group that rings to 2 extensions but unfortunately after about 8 rings it just hangs up.How do I configure this to go to one of the ext...

CDR output format

HelloWehave CUCM 6 which is going to be upgraded to version 9. I would like to know ifthere is any difference in the CDR output format of existing CUCM 6 with thenewer version. We want to make sure that our billing system will continue towork. Thanks

no-reg in SRST

Hello All,What is the exact purpose of the command no-reg in SRST. I found below definitions from cisco doc.#Globally disables ephone registration with an H.323 gatekeeper or SIP proxy.#To specify that the pilot number for a Cisco CallManager Express...

PRI/Gateway Reports.

Hey guys,Is it possible to get a report from CUCM/RTMT of the number of calls made from the PRI and channel utilization for a week ? We have around 10 MGCP gateways registered with a single CUCM.ThanksVaradarajan.R

Rajan R by Beginner
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