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Having a heck of a time finding VLT for CUCM 9.1.I can find the download for VLT 2.7(7) that works for up to 8.0 but it looks like I need VLT 2.7(8) for 9.X.I cannot find the download anywhere on the CCO.1) Can someone verify that VLT 2.7(8) (or late...

johntunks by Contributor
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Hi all,We're in the process of migrating our phones from CUCM 6.1.5 to CUCM 9.1.1.  One of our key steps is to change Option 150 in our DHCP server and then reset the phones.  In our pilot office of 200 phones, 95% of phones reset, found the new serv...

4rmorris by Beginner
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Chaps,I am going to be installing this, however cannot find any good docs. I have looked @ the Wicki and can download the OVA for this, however my CUCMBE6K Servers do not have the bootable software for this Server, even if I had the OVA.Does anyone h...

myxxymoxx by Beginner
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                   Hello,I am working on a  solution to allow 4 digit dialing between Call Manager and an Altigen phone system.  The Altigen needs to register to a SIP Server.  Can a Cisco router be configured to be a SIP server?  Desired end result ...

Hi,Customer is doing a LAN migration to a new building. For a period of time out of hours their whole voice infrastructure will be offline including UCCX, Unity Connection, Call Manager....their ingress ISDN 2821 voice gateways will still be online d...

rchaseling by Enthusiast
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Resolved! FAC and CMC

Dear All,I am running call manager 9.1.I need to apply a policy in such a way that for example:If any user who dials any mobile number or international number he should be prompted to ask for the pin or security code.Please guide me the best way to a...

tiger_401 by Beginner
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I changed the SMTP server on our Unity Pub as an attempt to see if that would help fix our email notificaitons coming in from RTMT and it gave me the error of "Warning: changing the value of the hostname will affect the license mac." I didn't think a...

jeppen029 by Beginner
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