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Resolved! CP-8831 IP Conference Phone

Hello, Can anyone help about the CP-8831 IP Conference Phone?I want to know whether the Wired and wireless Microphone can be used simultaneously on the Base conference phone.Also, can there be more that two wireless microphones when it is configured ...

peternnaji by Beginner
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Voice vlan issue

Hello all, I recently took over a cisco network that is using an old NBX v3000 phone system with 3 com voip phones.  They just purchased another NBX for our other site (we have a direct connection between the sites).  The last network admin was able ...

Ip phone 3905 Security Vulnerability BusyBox Built-in Shell

Hello to everybody!i have been audited by a network security company and in the results appeared that the ip phones model 3905 has a security vulnerability.Here is the description of the vulnerability       Port                Vulnerability Name    ...

Resolved! Call Forward and Voicemail

I have a user (We'll call her "Linda") that forwards her calls to her assistant during the day.  In the event her assistant does not answer the phone when it is forwarded to her, the call goes to Linda's voicemail.  Linda wants the call to go to her ...

Resolved! Voicemail for hunt groups

Hi Gents,First, I have a CUCM v7.1 and a Unity Connection v2.1What I want to do (and need your help for this) is that:3 users have a DN and an individual VMThe same 3 users are in a hunt group and if they are busy or if they don't answer call, I want...

vanwitt by Beginner
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Background image in Master TFTP

Hi Everyone,I need to upload the PNG and Thumb files for 7075 phones into the TFTP servers. We have 20 TFTP and Master TFTP Servers. Do I need to upload the files into each and every TFTP server or just Master TFTPs would be enough?Thanks,MK         ...

mightyking by Frequent Contributor
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Resolved! Call Details Softkey Missing

Hi Everyone!I cannot, for the life of me, figure this out. When I press (or anyone, at any phone) the Directories key, and make a selection, the "Details" softkey is not present when a missed, placed, or received call is highlighted. I've been throug...

Resolved! Unity conn ver 9.1 greeting issue

Hi I did migration for unity from 1.x to 9.x , and the backup it is done by cobra tool and successfully  but still the ELM license steps are not done at enterprise managermy question is : - when i go to system call handlers > greeting (english or ara...

Yazen Alaa by Beginner
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