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If I want to call from the same number what I have define in remote destination number, how any one who whom I am calling to internally, can see the name of the number to whom we mapped to. Like 8474245 mapped to IP phone ext. 6363 (IT)and If 8474245...

     Hi All..Perhaps someone could help...I have an issue with the GUI when trying to access the CUCM admin web page on our subscriber server.I enter the username and password but then the web page just hangs and the IE progress bar gets very slowly ...

taylor.p by Level 1
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How to get the configuration file of a phone from cucm (9.1) ?I have a polycom sound station 7000 that registered to call manager and i wanted to see if this phone has a configuration file used on call manager cause i have an echo problem with it and...

Hello,I have a strange issue. When pressed Directory list on Cisco 7937 SCCP phone, it shows the directory list for a fraction and shows XML Error 4. CUCM version is 8.5.1. Phone load is apps37sccp.1-4-4-0. Could someone help me.Karthik