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Can anyone please tell what is difference in using SIP or SCCP as Device protocol with CUCM.Like If phone uses SCCP as device protocol in CUCM and if phone uses SIP as device protocol in CUCM is there any difference in features.

Hi all,7911 is registering endlesslly.It holds on:Apr 25 12:54:59.651 CDT: TFTP: Looking for CTLSEPD824BDBA2483.tlvApr 25 12:54:59.731 CDT: TFTP: Looking for ITLSEPD824BDBA2483.tlvApr 25 12:54:59.811 CDT: TFTP: Looking for ITLFile.tlvApr 25 12:55:00....

                   The business I work for is assisting another business with their day to day operations and my manager wants me to manually configure and deploy a 7962 to them and have the phone operate on their network through ours. I figured I wo...

Hi ,We  have 4 CUCM (7.x) cluster for four regions. Each cluster has 1 Pub. And  3 Subs. I want to enable inter cluster calling because all regions are  at our MPLS Network.Kindly suggest what to do to enable calling across 4 regions. Regards,Soni

We installed a VG204, configured the ports and users can make calls. However, when a user wants to setup a conference call, they make the first call then they put that call on hold and place the other call and joins the 2 calls. The 2 people they cal...

Hello expertsi have a big customer who have (one pub and one sub) one unity conn and one CUP , all version are v8.6  . All systems are working so well. The customer asked us for a cluster for 10,000 phones , so our presales team helped him for a solu...

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