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Dear All,I need to switch version from 6.1.3 to 6.1.5. And i have one publisher and two subscriber nodes in my network.Can you please tell how long will take for switching the version l mean how long will be the down time.How long it will take the ip...

tiger_401 by Beginner
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Hello everyone!We have CUCM 6 configured for LDAP sync with AD. It used to work fine until I noticed that whenever I make changes to current users (phone number etc), these changes are not reflected in CUCM, it still shows old information. Even If i ...

fgasimzade by Enthusiast
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Hi,Can someone give me a list or link for the "device license unit" for CME ver. 9? I need to know how many license unit needed by the Cisco IP phones, Cisco ATAs, and 3rd party IP phones.Is the DLU also applicable to CME or CUCM only?Hoping for your...

Noy-pi by Beginner
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                   Is there anywhere else the 7921g USB Windows7 64 bit program is located so that I do not have to put an old phone back on support jsut to get the new Version 1.0.(4) support?   Cisco needs to get more intune like other companies wi...

gp1200x by Explorer
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Resolved! Call Analysis

Hi All,Looking for advice on the best way to use wireshark to analyse a call flow.For example, an end user with an IP phone calling out over PSTN or a SIP trunk.Is there a way for me to analyze the end to end call flow? Is this done by configuring a ...

GRANT3779 by Frequent Contributor
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