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I am interested in using Cisco Unified Video Advantage for Video calling integrated with some of our IP Phones.  Is this application/camera system compatible with the Cisco 8961 IP Phones?  Let me know what you think,Thanks,Jim                       ...

NPT_2 by Level 2
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Since cisco 7911 SCCP phones are EOL, what is the closest Set? The 3900 series are SIP, Does cisco SIP provide the same funcionality as SCCP or compare to Third party SIP phones without the functionality of failover etc...                  

jalexan by Level 1
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                   Hello guys!Currently I'm configuring SRST on a Cisco 2921 in conjunction with a CUCM8.6 (BE6000). When testing SRST, the phones show "MODE SRST", some pick up dial tone, some not, and on phones with dialtone phone calls did not pro...

fuhrersk8 by Level 3
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Resolved! Hunt Pilot Setup

I have a group of 5 phones in a customer care dept. that are not using UCCX.  I am using a Hunt Pilot to distribute calls using the longest idle time distribution algorithm.   Is there a way that if one of people from the group are gone for the day, ...

I am trying to apply auto qos on my interfaces, I am using the auto qos voip cisco-phone command.  I am getting a warning when I apply this command.     Warning: rcv cosmap will not be applied in hardware. To modify rcv cosmap in hardware, all of the...