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HiGood day everyoneI need your help please.i need to connect my cisco as5300 to a third party cel provider with asterisk.something like thismy agent dial a cel phone number-->cisco as5300-->internet-->asterisk-->final user (more less)here is my confi...

Hello all, I am trying to connect elastix with AS5300 cisco gateway via sip trunkhere is router configsip-ua authentication username XXX password XXX retry invite 2 retry response 2 retry bye 2 retry cancel 2 retry options 2 registrar ipv4:192.168.11...

Resolved! Keyboard with 99xx

Hi all,We are having complaints from our customers that alphanumeric input to 99xx phones is not so practical. They were using Alcatel handsets before with a full Q-keyboard. They are currently using alphanumeric input for directory search. Is it pos...

Dear AllI have two call managers (publisher , subscriber) version : 4.1(3)sr4d and I got two new servers for that and one unity server version : 4.0(5) and I got new server for that My Questions are : - i want to upgrade CUCM call managers from versi...

Resolved! CUCM 9 Licensing

       We have 3 sites running CUCM 8.6.  Each site has a single node, cucm server and is a test lab environment.  We would like to pool our licenses.  If we upgrade to CUCM 9, Could we manage all three sites with a single instance of Enterprise Lice...

Could anyone tell me if this unit is supported on the Cisco SRP527W router/modem?I can register with the SIP provider (info screen in router) but cannot get past "registering" on the phone itself.(need to use wireless broadband, hence the 527 unit).

                   Hello guys!The Test for Unified Messaging for a user account reflects the following results:Failed accessing jdoe@motor.net on[] Verb=[] url=[] request=[] response=[] The system failed to perform a typical...

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