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SRST Dialing Plan

Hello guys,I have question on SRST. I recently installed a new 3925. I setup SRST on it. We are using MGCP and call manager 8.6 . I attempted to test failover ( by the way, using ccm-manager failover) . All the phones registered in SRST mode, no prob...

Dial-peer matching

Hello,I found a problem with matching dial-peers in E.164 format with + sign. There is a pots dial-peer with destination-pattern +370........$. When gateway receives a number +37011111111 from SIP this dial-peer doesn't matches but in show dialplan n...

IP Phones Setting locked

Hi,I have a big issue with some of my IP Phones, settings button are locked even if it is enabled in CUCM (Phones register normally with CUCM but don't take modifications), I did a reset factory but the same issue.I tried to change the FTP but after ...

AAR Acting on Wrong Calls

Here's one.  I had AAR working and now it's not.  I cannot figure out what changes have been made that could have done it.  But what's happening now is when I test it by setting the location bandwidth to 1 calls from one site to another go through as...

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Resolved! CUCM & UNITY license Warning

Hello,I saw the attached error on my CUCM home page. I have applied the neccessary licenses a long time ago (about two months back). I wonder why I am still having this error message.I have a CUCM pub, CUCM Sub and a unity connection all running on o...

Resolved! CUCM 9.0

Hi All,I have got the media for CUCM Bootable_UCSInstall_UCOS_9.0.1.10000-37.sgn.iso but when I try to install I get some error. I carried out media check and found there were error in the Media. I cannot find MD5 value on the release notes and also ...