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Does Cisco IOS supports SIP 181 messages?When we make outbound calls to some PSTN numbers and they are call forwarded some times we get SIP 181 messages back that our Cisco 2400 series with 12.4(4)T8 doesn't respond and the calls get killed by the ca...

bgottlieb by Beginner
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Hi AllNext week we are looking to move our Cisco 2801 CME phone switch to a new site. The new site will have the same amount of ISDN channels. We inherited this system allready configured and never had to do a lot to it. I've researched into setting ...

  Hi every body.I am trying to understand what " G" indicates in Cisco ip phone model. I got two different answers while searching on google shown below:                CP-7965G= Spare phone w/o license 1)The CP-7965G= is simply a spare phone. It do...

sarahr202 by Contributor
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Hi There,We are setting some appliances E20 Cisco (Tandberg videophone). It happens that when connections are made between two devices E20, after a random time of use both devices disconnect from the server, causing the connection to be dropped, and ...

jrcampos7 by Beginner
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I have tested with a non-cisco sip client to ensure it’s not a firewall issue, but CUCM seems to only want to trunk to an IP address. Any ideas how to trunk to lenny@sip.itslenny.com:5060 in CUCM?  I'm running 7.15.http://itslenny.com/ for anyone cur...