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Resolved! Shared Voicemail

I need to know if I can have a shared voicemail via unity connection without the number existing within CUCM?I.E call flow UCCX script triggers the shared voicemail box. I am setting up MWI and alternate extensions for the users who need the notifica...

bouwman22 by Beginner
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CUWL issue

We have a customer has CME and unity express in 33 sites and has CUCM v8 and Unity Connection in one site, and he needs to centralized his network.We need to use the CUWL, our issie that Unity Express license cant be migrated.I propose to use CUWL wi...

Telnet to multiple subnets

Hi everybody,Can someone please help me what the best way is to telnet to each switch/router whit a different subnetI do not have solid routing/switching background.I know how to telnet to one subnet ( ) example i make a bridge to my netw...

monasir by Beginner
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B-ACD Script on CCME > Call hangs up when extension is busy

Hello!I have a running tcl skript on my ccme 8.6 router:                  applicationservice CME-AA flash:app-b-acd-aa- english index 1param number-of-hunt-grps 2param handoff-string CME-AAparam dial-by-extension-option 1paramspa...

Unmapped Exception Manager line is selected for Cisco Unified Communications Manager Assistant control, go to manager configuration first.

Hi!!When configuring an assistant, i keep getting this error: "Unmapped Exception Manager line is selected for Cisco Unified Communications  Manager Assistant control, go to manager configuration first."Can anyone help me?Best regards,Miguel Amaral

mamaral by Beginner
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