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Translation in SRST mode only

Hi All, I am using e164 numbing standard for all my directory numbers. the format is 6188237XXXX.  I am using an Translation rule for incoming call to get translated to 618XXXXXXXX number. This part works fine. The question is, in CUCM the site uses ...

K D by Beginner
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Resolved! Place local calls over MPLS

I have seven locations across the country with their own DID ranges. For an example:LA – (626) 123-XXXXSF – (415) 234-XXXXFR – (559) 345-XXXXwhere XXXX are unique for the system, do not override each other and are used for internal extensions, so DID...

joro by Beginner
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Desk Pickup Feature

I have SNR setup and working. I’ve configured the Mobility Softkey for my phone. I’m able to send a call from my desk phone to my cell phone. When I try to send the call from my cell back to my desk phone, the call disconnects.I’m running Callmanager...

how to change number

Hii want to change the number when someone call to a receptionist .for exemple i have two receptionist with the DN 111 and 222 with associated line group 333I want if someone call 111 or 222 to be transformed to 333 directly and will rin on both phon...