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Maximum ring time on CME 8.1

GuysI am having a weird issue here. No matter how to loop my ephone-dns or voice hunt-group or etc. The call will ring out after 1 minute 30 seconds. I do not wish to failover the call to voicemail at the moment. Any ideas?Router#sh run | s ephone-dn...

steven.t27 by Beginner
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CUCM 8.6 Upgrade from 6.1.5

Hi All,     We trying to upgrade the CUCM 8.6.2a  restricted version from 6.1.5 SU3 . We gone through the readme document of Refresh cop file 1.1.*** If upgrading from a 6.1(4) or 6.1(5) or 7.1(3) version to an 8.6(x) UNRESTRICTED version, only this ...

gpsriramdc by Enthusiast
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Ring Back Tone issue

Dear all:I need some light to continue troubleshooting a Ring Back tone issue. The problem is that it is only happening when someone calls to the USA DID number from an USA line. ( I tested from an Argentina trunk and Germany trunk and there is RBT)I...

czerewacz by Beginner
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Guys,I am trying to do an export of phones from an existing cucm 4.1 cluster for migration to a new cluster. I observed that BAT does not export all the data. Some phones were missing in the export even though they are present in cucm database.When I...

Problem with CUE ISM module

Hello community!I´m having the following problem. I´m installing CUE with CME 8.0/IOS 15.1(1)/2901 ISR2, and I´ve already installed CUE 8.6 software on the module. I also did run the initialization wizard using the CUE web interface. In the CME, I´ve...