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New Features on CUCM v9.0

Hi All, Just a small help here , if possible. We have recently installed CUCM v9.0 in vmware enviroment, while i was able to find the unity doc . Did not seem to find the cucm v9.0 doc for the new feature that it has seperating it from the 8.X series...

C2901 - CME - BACD

Having issues with the BACD script, albeit a wierd error.When I call "751" from a local softphone on the CME, the menu/script works without issues.However when I call from an external phone, I dont hear the menu, and the call disconnects after 15 sec...

Resolved! CUCM 8.5 Translation Pattern

Hi,I want to match this translation pattern 9[3-9].! and transform it to +00[3-9].!Is it possible to do such translation in one translation pattern? example1:called number is this: 9312345Translated number should be: +00312345example2:called number i...

Do I need buy license?

HiI have one C2901-CME-SRST/K9  then I bought some 7941 and 9951 IP Phone from internet, do I need to buy some license for the 7941 and 9951 IP Phone as right now they are not working with the router? I have checked on internet, looks some license li...

Echo Chan by Beginner
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Resolved! CUCM 7.1.5 MOH using Live Radio

Hi,I have been asked to look at setting up a customers MOH for there internal radio station. Are there any Documents that detail the process for this?My Understanding is that you would need to:Setup a seperate server/PC to run the live feed and then ...

UCS servers and UC Applications

Hi all,I have question in Design for the UCS servers with the Unified Applications, How I can distrbuite the Applications in the UCS.Is there any calculator like the DSP calculator shows how many HDD, RAM and CPU if i will choose all the applications...

mrmhar1408 by Enthusiast
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Resolved! NTP server on C200 server

Hi, may i change the ntp server or add a new one in Business Ed. 6000 on C200 server (publisher server) running on Vmwrae Esxi without the need of rehosting the licenses?. I read that if i change the timezone i need to rehost the license file but not...

Changing the dial plan

Hi EveryoneI wanted to know is there any documentation that can help me redo our dial plan for my current job.Right now have 5 digit extension and they want ot go to 4 for internal and 6 if you have to go outsidethe office.We just purchased a company...


            I have few questions on cueac 8.5 , appreciate if anyone who has sound knowledge can throw some light on it.1. while creating CT Gateway devices for call queuing, it says recommended is 1 per PSTN, if i am understanding it correctly this ...