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Hollow community.  My users which are to be installed on cucm have firstName, lastName and staffNumber. I'm looking for a way to anonymised  the userId. can anyone share any strategies that they've used please? The purpose is to limit the storage of ...

Sarg . by Level 3
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Greetings everyone.I can not find a solution for this case, after replace the motherboard, put more ram, change IOS Version, re config everything, and stills the CME on the C3845 getting hung in a perior of time from 10 to 15 days and ephones disconn...

Hello All Experts, I have been trying to figure this out but not sure how to? If I want to trace calls  INBOUND, OUTBOUND, SIP, Fax calls etc. so I can figure out the PATH and gateways/trunk involve in  a call from a site to PSTN and PSTN to site. Wh...

G3261 by Level 4
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Hello everyone,I have some Cisco 7841 phones which cannot register.In CUCM the load information is sip78xx.11-5-1-18 but the 7841 software version shows sip78xx.11-1-1MSR2-1.loads.I tried a firmware upgrade to sip78xx.11-5-1-18 but it did not work. A...

Tazio4436 by Level 1
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Hi all,Trying to install phone firmware version 14.0, released last week. Release notes say it can be used on CUCM 10.5 or higher. We're running 12.0.1.The new firmware has a new file extension of "cop.sha512" instead of "cop.sgn", and when I try to ...

Resolved! no one way audio

Hi, all good day;      I have a network with 4 VLANsVlan10 for DATAVlan11 isolate with ACL for small groupVlan12 Voice VlanVlan13 Wireless Vlanall the telephone office connect to CUCM and (secondary)vlan11 has an access-li...