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We have a 7962 phone registered to our CME router, version 7.1 with button 1 and button 6 currently assigned DNs. Buttons 2 - 5 are unassigned currently. We are trying to add a speed dial to button 3 but it doesnt seem to be working. I think its tryi...

Hello,I'm trying to integrate a 7960G with Asterisk and all works fine except a few strange issues with the phone itself. Here is the list:1) When I start entering digits on-hook they are not coming up on the display. I always have to press the New C...

Hello everyone,on CM 8.6(1) I have an ATA 187 out of several that keeps bouncing between registered and un-registered.       I am thinking network issues.  The IP address shows up in CM both when registered and not but I can't ping it when it is not ...