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Hi Guys,Just to check if anyone successfully inserted cisco 8961 phones with BLF/SD directory number selected from the dropdown instead of the destination field using BULK ADMIN -> INSERT PHONES? I am using CCM8.6.2aSU1. I am hitting error like "Not ...

tacl75 by Level 1
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I want to update my CUCM 7.1.3  to 7.1.5     plz clear my some question1 . is there any chance to call procesing down during the update?2.  i want to install   CCMUpgdAsstInstall.4-3-13.exe but some probem showing is( error opening instalation log fi...

sdasgupta by Level 1
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                   Installing CUCM 8.6 to replace CallManager 4.2(3).  The old CallManager is using 9.@ route patterns with route filters.  The route lists have 2 gateways selected, but one will have PreDot Trailing-# for the Discard Digits of the Ca...

Does IP Communicator classify/mark its own traffic in OS (Windows XP/7)?If so, does enabling WMM on WLC/AP prioritize this traffic for wireless?  Even if the SSID is Bronze QoS on WLC?Also - is there a way to verify QoS (actual traffic being classifi...

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Hi,I would like to configure the directory number in the Cisco IP Phone 7961 and CIPC, but I need than the calls from 7961 use FAC and the call from CIPC don´t use FAC.That is possible?Directory Number:    7000 Partition:         Internal    Calling ...

Hi there,I have a new scenario for me... SIP service provider (as PSTN)... connected to my router with ISDN interfaces to a PBX (ISDN BRI) ...Inbound Calls from SIP to myRouter > LAN IP Phone are ok...Inbound Calls from SIP to myRouter-ISDN-PBX are b...

Hi,If I put the command ´sh license detail cme-srst´ I receive this :RouterVallecas#sh license detail cme-srstFeature: cme-srst                        Period left: 5  weeks 6  daysIndex: 1        Feature: cme-srst                          Version: 1....