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Hi All,I have CUCM 8.0.3 configured with Extension Mobility. The issue I'm facing with: when user tries to log in, user asked for 'change PIN'. I have set PINs via BAT for all the users and that need to be used. How can I disable it?Thanks!Tibor

tdudas by Beginner
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I have a question to pose to the netpros...I am soon upgrading from CM 4.1 to UCS C200M2 CUCM 8.6. I am wondering...... instead of pulling the PUB from the cluster to upgrade to 7.X using DMA then preforming a bridge upgrade to 8.X. would it be possi...

johnnywan by Beginner
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                   Hi,We've got a Unity express module version 8.5.1 running a AA script that was created trough the GUI.the aa script plays a welcome message, and a small meny to redirect calls to hunt groups.When we are out of business hours, the A...

Hello to all , I have a publisher, Subscriber recently added both have version. In the new building I have a Cisco 3925, what is happening is that when making a call from outside can not see who perform, does not display the caller ID

hugomdbaez by Beginner
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We are getting this error when trying to sync.2012-06-01 13:22:19,539 ERROR [DSLDAPSyncImpl(72515187-27b0-dc9e-01e8-5835e5f4c0d2)] ldapplugable.DSLDAPSyncImpl (DSLDAPSyncImpl.java:608) - LDAPSync(72515187-27b0-dc9e-01e8-5835e5f4c0d2)[Run] javax.namin...

Hello,I have a VIC-2-4-FXO that has two issues. 1) there seems to be a 30 second  delay from when the caller hears ring back to when the IP set actually rings. 2) If the caller hangs up without being answered, the IP set keeps ringing for about 20 se...

PatBoyle1 by Beginner
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Hi All,I am not a Cisco engineer but I would like to know if I am being given the correct information.  If a client calls us on our external number for example,  0161 123 2000 my understanding is that number can be routed through to the device with t...

                   Hello everyone,does anyone have any examples or links they can show about QSIG between CM 8.6 and a Nortel system?  Just need to be able to send and receive 5 digit calls between the 2 system.Thanks in advance!  all replies rated.

angel-moon by Participant
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