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            I have few questions on cueac 8.5 , appreciate if anyone who has sound knowledge can throw some light on it.1. while creating CT Gateway devices for call queuing, it says recommended is 1 per PSTN, if i am understanding it correctly this ...

Is there a way to look at the outbound call history in RTMT through call manager? I have a third party automated system that is connected to CUCM via a SIP trunk that I need to look at the logs to verify what happened to the call. The automated syste...

Hi there,This is my question, it might not make much sense, but I'm asking anyway..I have 2801 running CME 7.0 it works well so far been running for about a month, with all inbound outbound calls work flawless, knock on wood ..The router is also used...

love2xlr8 by Beginner
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