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SIP: Remove first VIA from the INVITE, or how to force BYE to send to the second VIA?

Our ASA NATs both source and destination for incoming SIP messages (including inspection). We need to NAT source for a specific reason that is outside of this post. Calls are then forwarded to internal CUBE gateway and then to the media server. Calls...

Resolved! CUCM Cluster restarting Precautions

Hi, We are using CUCM 7.0(1 Pub and 1 Sub and unity server ) and MGCP gateway 3900 series. We need to restart CUCM cluster for date and time changings.. after restarting the cluster will everything come back  to operational state automatically includ...

mrfcisco1 by Beginner
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CUCM 6.1.2 to 8.5 Upgrade

Dear All,I want to upgrade a client call manager from version 6.1.2 to version 8.5. It is my understanding that both versions run different licensing model.CUCM Ver 6 runs DLU while CUCM runs either UCl or CUWL. The customer expects the upgrade to co...

High Availabilty CUBE

HiI have a pair of CUBE devices (3925 devices running IOS Version 15.1(4)M2) configured & licenced for HA mode using HSRP and redundancy.I have one interface registering to an ITSP through a firewall, the other interface is SIP trunked to a PBX throu...


Hi ,1 -  I am trying to install cucm 7 on vmvare and every time its unsuccessfull. I,m supecting that its failing due to network adepter settings of vmware.Please some one let me know what ip address I have to give in vmware network adopter & what ip...

Voice Quality issues

HI We have 2 sites with CME installed . users are compaling for very poor quality in voice when called to site A to B and Vice versa .Can anyone help me to troubleshoot . what could be the problem . i checked links/CRC which are fine . issue seems to...

Resolved! external moh for CUCM

I am looking for a product can support external MOH for our CUCM 8.5.  I am currently running CUCM on VMware so moh-usb-audio is not an option for me.  it seems only option i have is use Fixed Moh Audio Source with moh-usb-audio.  Is there any other ...

vatter by Beginner
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new 200 lines

  Dears ,          I received from service provider  ONE Access 1424  device for new 200 lines  , i want to connect        this device to working network . I have 2801 gateway and CUCM 6.1 server connected to Multilayer switch      4500 series .     ...