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Resolved! Remote and Bulk configuration of Phone (7945/7965) displays

    Is there a way to remote and bulk update Cisco 79[46]5 phone displays. My searches never bring me to anything useful and in my mind this seems common enough to be asked before. I have 100 phones which instead of the default image the request be m...

QFINITY recording system

Hi All,We have implemented QFINITY voice recording. There are 2 remote offices through a VLAN and this VLAN is being monitored on a port of a 3560. In this port, the QFINITY server is connected. The problem is that phones of these remote offices are ...

Change sccp local interface

Hello All,I have to change the local interface for sccp on our voice gateways and can't find a doc that lsits the step you need to do for that, doesn anyone know the correct procedure?I need to change it from Loopback to a BVI interface.Thanks.