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       Hi, it is possible have a CUCM 8.5 version cluster without dns?, when installing the second node it ask for the hostname of the primary server and this option can not be skipped, i tried using only the ip address but it was not possible.      ...

hi all,here is my issue ,i am using cisco 2851 ccme , i am having my boss extension and her PA extension , what are all the calls coming to boss it has to goto PA including the local extension call.then PA will transfer the call to my boss , i made e...

zeuscyril by Level 4
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Hi everyone!I can't find any information about what cisco telephones are supporting h.323 protocol.There was a 7905G h.323 telephone, and now it is end of sales. Replacement is 6921 which is not supporting h323, or it is not written in the datasheet....

Hi,I have some doubts regarding CME redundancy and i don't found answer reading the guides.1- Should i configure the second  CME router (Backup) with SRST configuration (callmanager- fallback)  or config like a CME (telephony-service)?2-Should Hardwa...

etmarcof by Level 3
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I have 2 questions regarding Music On Hold options for CME 9.01) Can you use unicast or is multicast the only option on CME 9.0?2) On a L3 3750 switch running IP BASE, is it possible to deliver MOH on the Voice VLAN (SVI) utilizing PIM STUB routing?H...