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Hi, I have the follow environment: ip phones (SCCP and SIP) ----------- CME-SRST(Site B) --------H323-----------CUCM (Site A)                                                        |                                                   PSTNEvery phones ...

                   Hello everyone,I need to convert the outbound caller ID on all outbound calls going out a PRI to show the main number.  Currently the actual extension of the phone is showing up.  I have this in the config but I think I may need so...

angel-moon by Participant
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Hi All, A user is having this error on his phone , when tryin to access his extension mob service. AFAIK , this happens when you have not checked the enable extension mobility on the device page. Although the user is off shift now ( n me vice a versa...

Resolved! UC540 with 7925g

hi,can someone please tell me, if i need licenses for the UC540 if i want to connect the 7925g to it.i know there are 24 licenses installed on the UC540, but on the data sheet of the phone it says that unified comunication manager and unified communi...

flokki123 by Participant
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Hi Guys,I have a problem with a BRI connection. On a 2901 VG I have a VIC2-2BRI-NT/TE configured like this:!interface BRI0/0/0 no ip address isdn switch-type basic-net3 isdn point-to-point-setup isdn incoming-voice voice isdn bind-l3 ccm-manager serv...

hjacquemin by Beginner
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