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I have a question regarding the customizing of the CAD. Is it possible to provide Agents the ability to view status of other agents using the CAD? Or is the supervisor desktop the only way? They do not need control of queues but they would like to se...

I have CUCM 8.5 in my environment.How many physical IP phones can I install/setup ?Is there any license limitations ?In the CUCM licensing unit report, its says that I have 1000 units authorized and I have 750 units remaining.since the system is sayi...

yeow_km by Beginner
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Anyone have anything against doing an H323 trunk over an IPSEC L2L VPN? Have a remote site that gets VOIP services extended with an H323 to a local CME, then out to a few phones. But, an engineer I recently spoke with recommended not to do VOIP over ...

Hello,I want to know is if I hit "reset" button on Transcoder Configuration page, will that take down all the phones registered to this region? Or it will only reset the Transcoder setting and will not affect the Phones connected to it. Please advise...