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Hello all,CME 7.1 have multiple extension and the main line "10" shared among all these phones, now when the call rings it rings on all the phones which is what i want, but when it get picked up the shared line it not shown in use.. What i need to be...

love2xlr8 by Level 1
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Is there any realistic ETA on when something newer like ICS will be release on the Cius?  I wonder how many of the bugs would be remedied with a newer, more stable, OS.  As well, I wonder how many fixes on the current OS will occur again after the mo...

What would be the most suitable VoIP solution (CME) for a SMB 5 users: 2811+PoE SW vs. 1861 vs. 520? There are obviously multiple differences and considerations ultimately everything will reduce to cost.Any design thoughts would be appreciated, thank...

sindan by Level 1
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HI,I have two offices (connedted with each other) both offices are connected to CUCM via h323 gateway. One site is having E1 line and other is having limited FXO ports. I want to use Cisco ATA 187 on the site where i have FXO ports. But at the same i...

techguy by Level 4
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