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Hi guys,I am trying to configure an E1 PRI in Nairobi. TelKom Kenya has proved that the cable and Exchange is good by having an IP Pbx onsite. I am on a CM 7.1(5b)su4. The remote site is on a 3845 GW. The E1 PRI card is VWIC2-2MFT-T1/E1 - 2-Port RJ-4...

toronto09 by Beginner
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We are facing an issue with accessing our voice mail externally : To access the Voicemail system, from outside the office:               Dial – 123-456-7890.               ID: last 4 digit of your phone number.               Password: your  voice mai...

Hey everyone..Looking for a way to setup the ability to call forward all from Line A to Line B, and allow Line A's Voicemail to pop if nobody answers line B after lets say 4 rings.  The catch is.. Line B is a lobby/shared space phone without voicemai...

Hello,I plan to upgrade outrUnity Connection cluster from version to version 8.5.1.  However I came across a cisco bug that mention the upgrade will fail when trying to switch version.  The work around is to remove duplicated users from...

markcarat by Beginner
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