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We have recently upgraded to CUCM 8.5 and several of our 7911G failed to to register. I have tried factory reset but they just cycle throgh rebooting.It has only affected a few, others have registered and are working fine. Any ideas

Hi all,When making ad hoc conference call with 6 persons, how can I press "confrn" to connect others in one CP7942. 1. CP7942 A dial to B2. Press "confrn" in CP7942 to C3. Press "confrn" in CP79424. A, B and C are in conference5. Press "confrn" in CP...

cm6043 by Level 1
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Hi,We're slowly migrating from 7960 to 9951 phones, how do I get the 9951 devices using + dialing from an E164 format or translate it to extensions?The 7960 devices grab their corporate directory from an XML feed, which we provide just the internal e...

Mark H by Level 1
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All,Has anyone using the Cisco Cius been successful in administrating CUCM with it? I am running firmware 9-2-2 on the Cius, and we are on a CUCM release. Every time I access the CUCM admin page, I can log in and get to the labels, but ...

Resolved! G722 Codec

Hi we just received 5 new 8945 phones and I want to use the G722 codec on them, the question is where can I get this from or does it come installed with CM already. And if it's already on CM where do I go to check and make it the default.

Hey Guys,I've read the cisco docs on ToD routing and it all seems to be very specific for inbound after hours traffic.I have office phones that need be restricted to internal and 911 calls from18:00 to 06:00 during that time frame users need to be ab...

wrickk_2 by Level 1
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