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Hi everyone,i want to place order for an ip phone(cp-7911g) of 250 unit and i have media convergence server (mcs 7800 series).how many number of device license unit(Lic-cm-dl-10=) will be required?how many dlu will each phone(cp-7911g) take?brsamson

rahman001 by Beginner
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HiI am trying to upload users and phones using BAT. But when I gave for validating it gives me an error "Device Name/MAC Address Error Code Error Description".So I am not able to add the users and phones using BAT.Insead I tried to upload phones and ...

khanfawaz by Beginner
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Hi,We installed a AIM module in cisco 2811 router. After installation we cannot access the module. Wheni issued Sh diag i can see the module status but with error. (AIM2-CUE-k( are not supported for use in AIM1(slot 1). Any solution to make it work?T...

Hii have call accounting enabled on uc520 configured to file accounting, the file created on ftp has a size of 0k, the one on flash is goodmy config isgw-accounting file  primary ftp username cdr password cdr1234  secondary ifs fla...

Resolved! Multiple codec

Can we use multiple codec for the ephones, I mean can we assign one codec for each group of phone in CUCM ver 7.1.3.Is there an appropriate codec that fit the wireless radio network, so that we can assign one codec for them, and one for the wired net...

Hello,We have call manager 8.0(2) and this uses SBD.  I'm sorry if this sounds like a bit of a daft question but we have a number of clusters and we need to be able to move the phones from one to another without having to delete the itl file most, if...

phil by Beginner
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We havea call manager that was setup by a vendor. They left a cisco switch and AP. Which does the following: We Power a new phone- it connects to the 'cisco' ssid and pulls down and applies config from WLANDefault.xml file which it pulls from the TFT...

mikegrous by Participant
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Hi Experts,In my lab, I am upgrading our UC from 7.1.3 ot 8.5.1. The ISO that I am going to upgrade to is:UCSInstall_UCOS_8.5.1.13900-5.sgn.iso I am receiving a message stating" This Refresh Upgrade will COMPLETELY REFORMAT YOUR SERVER. Reverting to ...

mightyking by Frequent Contributor
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We have three servers confdigures as MOH servers, one has mulitcast enabled, the other two do not.Our branches have voice gateways, and all phones in remote branches are in the same MRGL, (configured in each device pool).The MRGL holds a MRG that has...