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I am sure i am missing something really simple. I have a voice lab setup where it would be cheaper to use my old cme 2600xm router voip dial peer for the FXS lines and my newer dial peer 2811 for the IP phones and SIP trunking. Outbound calls to the ...

Greetings,Does anyone know if there is a way to add the Edit Dial softkey for the 89xx/99xx phones?  I have a customer with CM 8.6 using the new 89xx/99xx phones and when you go into the missed call directory on the phones, the is no Edit Dial softke...

bdonadio by Level 1
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Hi all,I've got a VG202 I've recently removed from an installation as it was reported as faulty.  (Lines showing as engaged/no dial tone despite not being in use and gateway showing no active calls)Back at my desk, trying to boot into the thing it fr...

I have to add an analog phone to one of our remotes sites and I want to use an ATA 186 that we already own.  Do the ATA 186 use a load file like a phone does?  Ive seen some simple documentation that states you set it up like a phone?  Thanks

lukeprimm by Level 1
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