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Helloon CCUM 8.5 we have huntgroup and when hunt group meber forwards all his calls it doesnt work and call simply goes to next hunt group member.. is this default beheviour and its the way how to forward calls of hunt group member???thans

m.sir by Level 7
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I keep getting a strange alert from CUCM 8.5.1(SU3) about an illegal UDP packet. The source address is from the H323 gateways and is in the RTP range? Been looking around and cannot find any reference to it. Happens about once a week. Any ideas?At Tu...

Hello all,I have been working off and on with a complex project, trying to get my PBX in a Flash 2.9 to work with my CUCM 8.5 and connect to google voice.  Simply put:GOOGLE VOICE------>PIAF<----SIP TRUNK---->CUCM<----IP PHONESI have achieved outgoin...

pmillerj by Level 1
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Cisco 2821IOS 15.1(3)TTrying to configure a Cisco 2821 to receive UDP SIP calls, then send them to a Lync server (which requires TCP). It has a working configuration and is also used for a SIP Trunk.So I have added a dial-peer to send calls to the Ly...

Hello,Where can i find info on how call flow works on CUCM?For example, i want to know the info bellow, where can i find it?User A calls User B. They are using G729 because they region config.Then User B transfer the call to User C, so User A and Use...