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Hi all,I had a problem while I was changing the background images of the IP phones. I did it many times before, but this time it is a little bit different. I created the List.xml file but the phone is not able to download it, I used sniffer and I fou...

I'm new to the sip phones, specifically the 9971. We've been doing button overlays for multiple calls on shared lines on the 7900 series (for example on 7975: button 1:1 2o100,101 3o120,121) but I can't find anything that allows us to do this on thes...

sloeckle by Level 1
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I finally have my first VG204 registared with my Call Manager 6.1.5.  Howeveer no when i go off hook i get a busy tone and my VG says. dial per not found. ....  using sccp. WTHAny ideas?

pharden by Level 1
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Hi,im trying to make calls on my 3700 router with 12.4(25d). I can register into my sip provider but when i call into the router with my external DID, i get this error in my debug cccsip message:  400 Bad Request - Invalid Host. I searched for this e...