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I`m trying to use CUOM reports to make a inventory of all my workin phones.I need to know the switch address and port but these informations are displayed as N/A.What a need to do to have all these informations in report. I have CDP enabled in the en...

Hello.I have a DID/DOD connected to 3945 SIP(CUBE) and CUCM 8.0.When I make a call from PSTN(Cell Phone) to our CUCM over SIP.I don't hear any ringback, but the call is routed correctly and the call works fine once the called-party answers.When I del...

bokoo by Cisco Employee
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Hi ,I have a Nortel CS1000M box version 5.0.There is a Cisco 2821 CUBE.There is a H.323 Trunk between CUBE and the Nortel CS1000M and there is SIP Trunk between CUBE and the SONUS NGN gateway.In this scenario if a call comes from SIP trunk and hit to...

lalit by Beginner
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