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I am running CME 7.0 and configured extension mobility.  After entering the username and PIN for EM login, the screen hangs dispaying "logging in".   Pressing the exit softkeys shows that the user profile has been loaded succesfully.  The issue is en...

francisg by Beginner
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I use  ATA 187 (firmware ATA187.9-03-0) with cucm for fax. the topo belowPSTN---- T1---- GW ---H323(g711 u-law) T38 -----CUCM ----SIP-t38----ATA 187 ------FAXServer ( Brother 2920).I used fax relay with T38 protocol  and fax rate set to...

hoanghiep by Beginner
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Hi to allWe are going to install meeting place 8.0 application server I have read in this document @MeetingPlace 8 Integration Webex Type 2 Configuration Example@ that you in order to install meeting place you need:Reference to quideThere are two CDs...

Sometimes when im in CCM admin and I look at all the devices they have a (1) next to them. eg. upcjdoe(1).  This happens periodically and then just goes away.  Anyone have any idea why this happens?  Is this a 6.1.5 issue?  Ive recently (two months a...

aguy by Beginner
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Hi,In CME on an outgoing dial peer can somebody please explain the difference betweenDestination-pattern TAndDestination-Pattern .TAlso, are all digits sent to the Telco on both of these destination patterns?ThanksChrisSent from Cisco Technical Suppo...

shaw.chris by Beginner
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