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Resolved! telepresence video and qos markings

looking for clarification on how qos markings behave on the wire for a telepresence video call.this could be a Cisco 9971 video phone, a Tandberg endpoint such as a small E20, an larger EX90, or even a room based system.I understand AF41 is the stand...

pdinapoli by Beginner
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block option on phones

Hello everyone,I'm actually looking how to block the Ring type option on the Cisco phone. At the same time, how to fix and block the volume of the phone.For the moment I found no information. Is it possible to do that ?Thanks,Hervé Jacquemin

SIP Media and Signaling

Hi,In the past I've done a couple of CUBE configs on gateways that connect to a SIP provider.  These providers have always sent me a single IP address to point the dialpeer to for the sip session target.I have a new turnup for another customer and th...

showing DSP in use

Excuse the weird question, I`m trying to find out how many DSP we have used. I know we can use use SH DSP , SH VOICE DSP VOICE etc but Im tryng to remember the other commend I think it is something like Show MS.... or MB.... etc It shows what are bei...

iptuser55 by Frequent Contributor
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Resolved! UCM 7.0(1)

Good Day,Can anybody help me? The question is: can I create Directory Number without linking with IP Phone, and add mobility number to this DN?Thanks for help.