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Resolved! Problems with 911 routing - CM

Hi,I'm having some issues getting 911 calls to route out of a local gateway on an MGCP FXO port. When 911/9.911 is dialed, you get a fast busy after a short pause. I did a DNA and it showed that the call should be routed out of the correct FXO port. ...

Resolved! mgcp integration with PBX

hi guys,i have integration with PBX and IPT. using mgcp with e1 . that means CCM controlling the digital connection.my question is while configuring mgcp gateway in call manager the call manager controls all operations of e1.but on gateway in control...

Upgrade CCMBE 6. to 8.0

Hola  todosEstoy configurando el BOM e la herramienta de Cisco pero no me es claro como se deben configurar el No de parte para hacer la actualizacion de la version 6 a la 8 del Cisco Call Manager Bussiness Edition, por otro lado el servidor 7828H3 e...

juankcs85 by Beginner
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Resolved! Hard limits on CSS etc?

Hello everyone,In CUCM 8.x is ther a limit on the number of CSSs, partitions etc that can be configured?  For example, in a multi-tenant environment were you are hosting the phone service for multiple customers and you only want the customers to be a...

angel-moon by Participant
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CME CDR file accounting

Hi all,I'm trying to understand how cme cdr management works, I know that it is possible to download CDRs to the local compact flash but I cannot find answers to the following questions:- Does an estimated space occupation exist for cdrs? (Example MB...

Resolved! 7915 BLF Not Illuminating

Can someone explain to me why all my UCCX agent DNs will not light the BLF key on a 7915 when these DNs are use? All other DNs illuminate BLF key but my UCXX agent DNs do not. I can use them to ring the agent ID but cannot see when these DNs are in u...

johnnywan by Beginner
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Resolved! Fax Problem with 2821 with 4FXS/DID Plugged in to Multitech Fax Finder Server FF830. No DTMF sent after answer.

You plug in a regular $7 analog phone and the DTMF is sent and works as it should. We also plugged in a DTMF analyzer that shows the digits 108 being sent.  In my case 3 digits - 108 for the ext 108.  As soon as you plug in the Fax server, no DTMF se...

CUPC can not add contacts

Hi, i found this in the troubleshooting document but it didnt help:Cannot Add a Contact to Any Existing Group or to Any New Group Problem The user reports not being able to add a contact to any existing group or to any new group. The Add Contact to...