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Resolved! Questions regarding CDR Logs

- What does the “globalCallID_callManagerId” actually represent?  We assume it is the ID of the Publisher or Subscriber, is this correct?- Why would some Pubs/Subs  output data to the CDR logs and others not output CDR log data?  For example, we migh...

CUE Upgrade/Licensing

I will be upgrading multiple sites that are running various versions of CUE. (3.0.4,3.1.1,7.0.6, and 8.0.2) all to CUE 8.5.I do plan to take an upgrade approach to all of these CUE Modules. For 3.0.4 I will upgrade to 8.0.2, then to 8.5. I have teste...

Service Uptime Reporting

Hi,I need to provide reporting stats on a monthly basis detailing telephony service availability over a calendar month...is anyone aware of a report within CUCM8 that would provide this type of information...I've looked and drawn a blank so far!Thank...

Cannot send faxes

Hi,I've been investigatiing an issue where users in a department are only able to send faxes 10% of the time.  The fax machine on the receiving party's end will answer but after sending 1 page the call disconnects and the machine tries to resend.  Ev...