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We are upgrading to a Cisco IPT solution. In the meantime we will be using legacy (i.e. non-POE) switches. In this case the spec for the 7937 Conference station requires for the use of a power brick (CP-PWR-CUBE-3) which I assume is to to provide the...

Hi all,I have a problem about CUCM.admin:show environment temperatures ID      Temp            Type            Threshold1       33C             Threshold       70C2       17C             Threshold       39C3       255C            Threshold       127C...

sangin079 by Level 1
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HelloWe have been having this problem since we had our Cisco phone system installed and I've yet to find a solution.We have a meeting room with a 7941 phone in them, this phone is not used extensively however after say a week you will go to use the p...

I have an H323 gateway and my incoming translation pattern receives a number 1000 that i want to send to a DN (2500).  Is there a way to make this translation pattern hit a trunk or hunt group instead?Right now I am forwarding the 1000 number to go t...

julio by Level 1
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