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HiI am using CICM 7.1.5 , I have two server in a cluster .I am tryoing to upload a MoH file in the two server when i upload it on the subscriber it is working fine mean to say uploaded properly .but when i  tried tio upload the same file in the Publi...

Seem to have an issue lately;Users are sending in tickets stating that the CFwdall option rests itself.Clients says he will turn on the call forwarding to his work blackberry in the morning via the Cisco Website however the next morning he states tha...

I know you canconnect the PC thru the VOIP to the switch but can it be done the other way around? Our infastructure is fiber and I'm trying to avoid the use of media converters if possible.  When bridgin a connection inwindows will the switch only se...

Hi@all,i have some question about UCL licensing. Please help me for choice to ordering the right licenes.Now we have a CUCM 7.1.2 with 200 DLUs and 30 User. Next time we want upgrade to CUCM 8.5. We dont need to change the Server.Here my questions:We...

I've seen the new info on the PVDM3 cards, but I want to find firm numbers for the conferencing and transcoding support.I just want a table that shows the number of everything per module. They have it for voice ports/transcoding, but just general 'up...

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