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Hello, We are currently using a Be6000 system and when we schedule a call forwarding on our phones (model 7945) to external numbers, it works perfectly when the original call comes from an internal position, but when it is an external call then this ...

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Translator by Community Manager
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I looked in the Cert threads but they do not look like they are used much so my post is here- maybe not the correct one but...I`ve passed my written in Sept 09. From memory do I have 18 months for the first lab attempt otherwise my written is cancell...

iptuser55 by Frequent Contributor
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HiWe have an issue where some user(s) have disconnected there phone (7941 phones) and then reconnected there phone to the same network cable (back to the way it was) ....and the phone has not come back on line - no power to the phone.I can move the p...

#TCN by Beginner
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When using the DNA feature that if I choose the phone options via DNA and try to locate a Mobility user then this comes back blank it only shows users/ dn`S who are configured on the actual phone such as conference phones - phones which are configu...

cucm 7.1x Calls that ring an extionsion should flow over to the recption line if there is no answer or busy etc... So I have the boxes unchecked and the reception DN in there with the correct css. When a call is placed to that extension it is still g...

hello,My 7942 IP phone is not registering in my UC500. when i connect it starts with a screen saying 'upgrading' and then it shows 'term42.default' upgrading and finally the screen becomes still with a black dot. I am not able to use any keys in the ...

-- CUCM 7.1.5-- MGCP GatewayI have two separate overhead paging zones, each zone connects to the voice gateway using a separate FXS port.Zone A is on FXS 0/1/0Directory Number 190Zone B (DN 192) is on FXS 0/1/2Directory Number 192I am trying to creat...