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CUCM 8 limit calls log

Does anyone know if there is a way to change the limit of the number of calls that show up in the Missed, Recieved and Placed Calls list?   I looked in Service and Enterprise parameters but didn't see anything.   Anyone ever done this?Thanks,Glenn

Translation Pattern Bug

Hello, i think i am encountering a bug with UCM 7.1, need to know if anyone has comeacross such an issue and has a solution by any chance.Here is the issueI have a translation pattern configured 9.[23]XXXXXXWhen I select the new call soft key and the...

Resolved! VG202 with call manager 7

I am trying to setup the VG202 to work with call manager. So far I can make calls from the VOIP telephones registered with the call manager to the phone connected to the VG202. When I talk into the VOIP telephone I can hear voice on the Analog teleph...