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Resolved! formula in crs (ivr)

How to write next formula is easier:if (p_value == -1 && type == "01" && status == "01" || p_value == -1 && type == "01" && status == "04" || p_value == -1 && type == "01" && status == "05" || p_value == -1 && type == "01" && status == "06" || p_valu...

kolotov83 by Beginner
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Resolved! CAC and locations

Hello,I have a costumer with two locations. On one location is an ARC server installed but there are Attendant consoles on both locations.I have configured locations to use AAR. The bandwith is set to 1 because its cheaper for the costumer to use the...

Channel Group

Hi All,I have a lab setup of two 2821 routers connected back to back using E1 pri links and want to send Data on this link. In order to achieve this task i have configured channel groups on controller interface, assigned ip address and routing and th...

ARC Console Support Number

Does anyone know where to look for ARC support?I know it's end of life but not end of support.  We have a client whose pc running the software died and the main support number we have for ARC is not calling us back.Is there an alternate?Thanks!

gmgarrian by Enthusiast
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Cisco Emergency Responder: Not reporting full IP Phone details under Switch Port

Hey everyone,I need some help. The problem I'm having is with the phone details being shown when you go  to ERL Membership >> Switch Ports. I can see my switch in there  and it shows all the ports, but it's also supposed to show the details  of the p...

DBWalker run issue

I have just installed and run DBWalker 4.0.63 on Unity 7.0.2 and on the initial run I get 1000s of errors stating:error in mymyLoadString: Rescource with indentifier 'xxxx' not foundThis error repeats 1000s of times before the app screen loads up .. ...

CM7.1 Night Service

Hi,I want to setup a night service function on Call Manager 7.1 for our main number. Its simple in CME but seems to be overley complicated in CM7.1, using multiple partitions, CTI route points etc.Does anyone have any examples or documentation. Offic...

dkirby by Beginner
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